Build a campaign to defend and raise
Four months into the ‘Woman, life, freedom’ uprising, the need to boost and broadcast the real voice of the Iranian revolution is ever more urgent. On the internal front, in the face of a deepening and expanding apparatus of repression against the revolutionaries, we should double up our efforts to raise the voice of freedom. Externally, with the intense activity of the usual mechanisms of biased, self-interested representation and advocacy from above, we should intensify our struggle against the distorted and one-sided reflection and translation of this voice.

Silvia Federici calls for the release of Sarvenaz Ahmadi

Silvia Federici, Italian feminist scholar, teacher and activist, has expressed her support for Saronaz Ahmadi, journalist, children’s rights advocate and translator of the book “Revolution at Zero Point”, in a video. In the video, she calls for the release of Servanaz and other political prisoners, and for feminist activists in other parts of the world to support political prisoners in Iran.

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Ex-shah’s nonentity son

Twenty years after the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq, this catastrophe is still a potent factor in the politics of Iran. And yet, as Yassamine Mather reports, there are still those exiles who hanker after a repeat

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