Creating a forum for theoretical political debates

International campaign for solidarity with Iranian revolution

It has been a few months since the “Voice of Revolution” (the website for this campaign) started working. It is now creating an international forum to discuss and exchange opinions on all the issues of the upcoming Iranian revolution. The discussions of this forum, which will cover from general theoretical problems to historical and political issues of the day, will be held in an internet room, and will be held in both Persian and English (depending on the topic or the speaker). The meetings will take the form of lectures, debates or open discussions on specific topics.

The time and place of these meetings, until further notice, will be on Wednesdays of every week, between 7 and 10 pm Central European Time, in Zoom. The current programs of this forum and links to video and audio files of its sessions will also be available to those interested on the website “Voice of Revolution”.

To receive more information, or to express interest in any kind of cooperation (from planning to presenting discussions or conducting meetings, etc.) and receiving the meeting schedules, contact the following email address.

Moshé Machover – The Israel -Gaza War

A conversation with Moshé Makhover about the Israel-Gaza war (with Farsi subtitle).This conversation took place on December 21, 2023.